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Matt's Warehouse Deals Story - Matt and staff outside moving truck.

In 2011, with little money and no credit, we bought two truckloads of merchandise, rented a rugged warehouse near Atlanta, GA- with no air conditioning/heating and no offices- we spray-painted a sign on plywood, and opened our first business- Wholesale and Liquidation Experts.

Our vision was simple: Create an outlet that delivers great deals to everyday people -- and a place for wholesale customers to buy merchandise they can resell to support their families.

Matt's Warehouse Deals Story - Matt with a happy customer and their purchase.

At first, we mainly sold merchandise in bulk, by the pallet, to resellers. But word got out in the community as people heard that we had great deals. Folks stopped by to purchase individual products, small appliances, home furnishings, flooring, lighting and more.

We hand-built shelves and displayed merchandise on plastic folding tables. No products had price tags; every price was negotiated one item at a time. In just months, the warehouse grew busier and busier. Word of mouth spread quickly -- and people came from miles away to find great deals.

Matt's Warehouse Deals Story - Matt at grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony.

Nine years later, our retail warehouse is a 12,000 square foot building with multiple offices, and air conditioning. We also have a separate distribution warehouse to serve our loyal wholesale customers- business owners, online sellers, flea marketers, and other entrepreneurs.  

Since our beginning, we have focused on serving one customer at a time -- and delivering outstanding value and customer experience. We keep these principles at the forefront of our work every day:

  • Deliver great deals and value for our customers
  • Provide an unmatched customer loyalty program
  • Offer a fun, friendly place to shop with kind, courteous employees
Matt's Warehouse Deals Story - Laptop showing Matt's Warehouse Deals logo for new site launch.

Our standard is to provide the same welcoming energy, excellent service, and outstanding deals --  just as we did when we spray painted our first sign 9 years ago -- whether you’re shopping in our physical store or our new online store, Matt’s Warehouse Deals. It's the next step in our incredible journey.

Matt's Warehouse Deals will focus on our retail customers, while Wholesale and Liquidation Experts will cater to our business and bulk customers. But no matter the name, our customers will still get the great service and deals they have come to love. 

We’ve learned much along the way. And we’re grateful to everyone who supported and believed in us when we started out with a vision of becoming something great.

We are here only because of your support and loyalty and that's why we have been able to survive and grow throughout the years.

YOU matter here!

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Matt Brenckle


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