Why do we charge for shipping?

Low Rate Shipping

In the age of e-commerce, we understand that many online shoppers have come to expect offers of free shipping as a customer incentive. We tried to implement this “free shipping” model but after incurring significant losses as a smaller, bootstrapped company, We have chosen a slightly different shipping model for our site.

We wanted to keep the cost of shipping at a simple flat, very affordable rate. This allows you to buy a large bulk of merchandise at one low rate. We want you to be able to take advantage of saving money by “ordering in bulk” so your average shipping cost per item is minimal.

Our Prices Do Not “Bake In” the Cost of Shipping

We have chosen to go with very aggressive every day pricing without the cost of shipping “baked in” to the price you pay for the product, which is the model for many popular sites like Amazon. Our model is to price the product lower and add a small, flat rate shipping charge. Our actual average cost to ship is around $20 per order(many customers order large bulk quantities from us), so we are still losing a considerable amount shipping each order. The shipping price allows us to recoup around half of that cost.

Cost Considerations

One of the primary reasons we charge for shipping is the very real cost associated with getting products from our warehouse to your doorstep. Shipping involves a combination of expenses, including packaging materials, labor, transportation, and in some cases, customs and import fees. These costs can vary widely depending on the size and weight of the package, the destination, and the shipping method chosen. By charging for shipping, we can effectively cover some of these costs.

Transparent Pricing

Charging for shipping allows us to be more transparent with our pricing. When businesses include the cost of shipping in the product price, it can be difficult for customers to understand how much they are paying for the shipping service vs. the product itself. Separating these costs allows consumers to see the actual price of the item and the shipping fee, which we feel is a more straightforward and accurate method of pricing.


Sustainability is an important consideration in today's business landscape. By charging for shipping, we can encourage more responsible consumption and reduce the environmental impact of shipping. If shipping is not free, customers may consolidate their orders, which will reduce the carbon footprint associated with multiple small shipments.


We are aware that many buyers today have come to appreciate and expect free shipping. By charging a low flat rate for shipping, we can ensure fair, transparent pricing, and incentivize our valued customers who order in “quantity”. Ultimately, this option helps us cover some of the true cost of shipping and provide you with the best possible service.

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