How You Can Save Money This Holiday Season

As we get closer to the holidays, finding ways to save money is becoming more important. The best way to do that on Matt’s Warehouse Deals is through our loyalty program, Matt’s Cash.

Matt's Cash loyalty program is 100% free. No fees at all.

There are various ways our customers can earn points which ultimately results in more savings for you during the holiday shopping season.

Two of the quickest ways to earn points are making an account and making a purchase.

$1 = 1 reward point, which can be used on our website. An easy way to earn quick points is by following us on social media. 

Every platform that you follow us on is = 20 reward points. So if you’re satisfied with your purchase, you can earn another 20 points by leaving a review.

The most you can earn is 100 points for referring friends and family. But, thanks to our loyal customer base, Matt’s Warehouse deals have grown leaps and bounds from their humble beginnings.

Referring us to your friends and family will help us continue to grow to continue to offer incredible deals.

If you haven’t yet, please sign up for our loyalty program here.

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